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New in Town

This is the story about a new kitty, Penny, who moves into a new house where Tango, an older dog, has lived his entire life. Today is the first day they meet. Tango walked slowly down the street and saw Penny.

Tango saw her and exclaimed, “Howdy, whatcha doin' today. I’ve never seen you before! You must be new here. The name’s Tango!!!

Penny had never met anyone so energetic, so she quietly replied, “Ummm, hi, um..... I should be going.”

Tango was so excited to meet Penny he didn't noticed how shy and reluctant she sounded.

“I just got liberated from dog school!!! A guy opened the door to get in, but that was my way out!” Tango explained loudly. Penny yearned to leave, back to her safe quiet home. Tango q
uickly and cheerfully said, “I have to go now...WAIT!!! What’s your name?”

Penny extremely quietly whispered, “Penny.”

Tango asked, “What?!”

Penny quietly whispered a little louder and said, “Penny.”

Tango was fascinated by the name. “Wow, that is an amazing name! I like it! …

Gnat Problems

One miserable day, I flew around the jungle and saw a lion. I felt like fighting him, he made me feel mad.

"Bowwow owww" yelled the lion as he got stung by me.

"Take that you selfish fool!!!" I yelled at the lion.

"Try to get me!!!" I screamed out.

He tried to strike me back but hit himself instead. The lion kept doing that until he was covered with bruises and scratches. Unfortunately, my parents saw everything and told me I had to go to Anger Management For Gnats and More.

"Do I have to?" I asked feeling reluctant.

"YES!!!" My parents told me.

My parents sent me right away to Anger Management For Gnats and More. It was located in a so-called secret place, in a hole, hidden under a dead bush.
I decided to complain one last time, in case they let me stay home.

"Please, please, pretty please, can you cancel it and just let me stay home?" I asked with my cutest look.

Of course, they said no. I brought toys, but they weren't…

Dream Land

Once upon a pig, I had an amazing dream and it never ended!!! That was because I never woke up. I the dream was about Candyland. There was cupcakes as trees, skittles as leaves, Swedish fish as fish, m&m’s as seeds in the soil, chocolate as the dirt, and jello as the water in a swimming pool, ocean, river, lake, or stream!!! The only place that was prohibited was the rocky road ice cream street of doom, where you fall off a rocky cliff into a pool of rocky road ice cream and you freeze to death. One day I walked around the land and saw a talking marshmallow named, Chloe.

“Heya!!!” the marshmallow said happily.

“Helloooo!!! Whatcha doin today!!!. The name’s Emily!!!” I exclaimed.

“I’m going to the jello pool!!! My name’s Chloe” Chloe replied.

“I’m coming with you!!! Wanna be friends?!” I asked.

“Sure!!!” Chloe replied again willingly.

Together we walked to the swimming pool and got into our swimming outfit. The whole pool was available, so we got a lot of space. There was a numerou…