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Dream Land

Once upon a pig, I had an amazing dream and it never ended!!! That was because I never woke up. I the dream was about Candyland. There was cupcakes as trees, skittles as leaves, Swedish fish as fish, m&m’s as seeds in the soil, chocolate as the dirt, and jello as the water in a swimming pool, ocean, river, lake, or stream!!! The only place that was prohibited was the rocky road ice cream street of doom, where you fall off a rocky cliff into a pool of rocky road ice cream and you freeze to death. One day I walked around the land and saw a talking marshmallow named, Chloe.

“Heya!!!” the marshmallow said happily.

“Helloooo!!! Whatcha doin today!!!. The name’s Emily!!!” I exclaimed.

“I’m going to the jello pool!!! My name’s Chloe” Chloe replied.

“I’m coming with you!!! Wanna be friends?!” I asked.

“Sure!!!” Chloe replied again willingly.

Together we walked to the swimming pool and got into our swimming outfit. The whole pool was available, so we got a lot of space. There was a numerous amount of jello because of how gigantic the pool was. There was a little whirlpool for professional swimmers, so we evade it because it was really hard to not get sucked in the middle. Chloe and I stayed on the normal side and ate some jello as we swam.

Chloe asked, “You wanna go to the pixie canyons?”

“Sure!!! That sounds like fun!!!” I responded with excitement.

We ate off all the jello on us and we hit the road!!! Once we got there I found a spot at the bottom. I wanted to check it out. Together, we slide down into the canyon to see what it was. I slipped too far and landed in quick-pixie-sand!!! I let out a scream and was yearning to get out. Slowly, I was sinking.

Chloe quickly reacted and told me, “Stop!!! If you move, your gonna sink faster!!!”

I froze and yelled, “What do I do!!!”

Chloe was thinking hard and came up with a plan. She ran and grabbed a pixie stick from a pixie tree.

She cried out, “Take the stick!!! Hold on!!!”

As I held onto the stick she went around a tree and started pulling. I started coming out. I reached for the side and pulled myself out. She reassured me that I was ok. I licked off the pixie sand and it was delicious of course. We went back home where it was safe. Now the pixie canyons had a warning sign just in case anyone fell into the pixie how I did.

“That was such an adventure!!!” Chloe exclaimed.

“Yeah!!!” I declared.



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