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Gnat Problems

One miserable day, I flew around the jungle and saw a lion. I felt like fighting him, he made me feel mad.

"Bowwow owww" yelled the lion as he got stung by me.

"Take that you selfish fool!!!" I yelled at the lion.

"Try to get me!!!" I screamed out.

He tried to strike me back but hit himself instead. The lion kept doing that until he was covered with bruises and scratches. Unfortunately, my parents saw everything and told me I had to go to Anger Management For Gnats and More.

"Do I have to?" I asked feeling reluctant.

"YES!!!" My parents told me.

My parents sent me right away to Anger Management For Gnats and More. It was located in a so-called secret place, in a hole, hidden under a dead bush.
I decided to complain one last time, in case they let me stay home.

"Please, please, pretty please, can you cancel it and just let me stay home?" I asked with my cutest look.

Of course, they said no. I brought toys, but they weren't allowed. I had to wear this weird-looking uniform made out of banana peels. It made me look like a rotten sponge.

The therapist came and said, "Everyone, sit down. I am Dr. Banana." Now I understood why we had banana peels as our uniforms. "OK, Stinkbug you get to go first and tell everyone why you get mad a lot!" Stinkbug walked up to the platform and took the microphone.

"Um, hi, I get mad because everyone thinks I'm.... too stinky!!!" Stinkbug says bursting into tears.

Dr. Banana came up to him trying to calm him down and breaths with his mouth. "OK, it's over, you can take a seat now.

Next was the centipede, "I get made fun of because of my legs! They say that my legs were sewn on when I was little because I was having trouble walking!!!"

"Wow, now that's something that someone would probably be mad about!" Dr. Banana exclaimed.

Next up was me. I slowly went up trying to think why I was so angry, but couldn't think of one. I took a breath and explained, "I get mad because when a lion was eating lunch, I heard a weird voice inside of me say, 'Go disturb that lion, I don't like him, go, go, go!!!' and I did!!! It just happened."

"I understand now, that is your little devil. You should never listen to him. Listen to the angel instead." Dr. Banana explained.

"OK" I replied thoughtfully.

More bugs went up to tell their story as I thought about what the therapist said to me and suddenly I felt better but guilty about what I did to the lion. When the class was over everyone felt better and was free to go back home.

 Before I flew back home I went to the lion's den a said, "I'm sorry about what I did before, I don't know what got to me."

The lion responded,"That's alright, I forgive you. But, you have to do me a favor."

"Of course! What do need me to do?"

"I need you to....."

 The End


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