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New in Town

This is the story about a new kitty, Penny, who moves into a new house where Tango, an older dog, has lived his entire life. Today is the first day they meet. Tango walked slowly down the street and saw Penny.

Tango saw her and exclaimed, “Howdy, whatcha doin' today. I’ve never seen you before! You must be new here. The name’s Tango!!!

Penny had never met anyone so energetic, so she quietly replied, “Ummm, hi, um..... I should be going.”

Tango was so excited to meet Penny he didn't noticed how shy and reluctant she sounded.

“I just got liberated from dog school!!! A guy opened the door to get in, but that was my way out!” Tango explained loudly. Penny yearned to leave, back to her safe quiet home. Tango q
uickly and cheerfully said, “I have to go now...WAIT!!! What’s your name?”

Penny extremely quietly whispered, “Penny.”

Tango asked, “What?!”

Penny quietly whispered a little louder and said, “Penny.”

Tango was fascinated by the name. “Wow, that is an amazing name! I like it! Well, see ya, gotta go."

After that, Tango zoomed off. Penny decided to evade Tango until she had some friends. Meanwhile, Tango has been thinking about Penny and wanted to give a surprise welcome party. One week went by and Penny didn’t find any friends yet. Tango, on the other hand just finished preparing the party and invited everyone to welcome Penny. Tango zipped around the park to find out if Penny was there, but she wasn’t. Tango ran to the Museum but didn't find her. Finally, Tango jogged tiredly to the library, and guess what!!!! Penny was there!!!

 Tango came up to her and loudly said, "Penny, ***pant** I need to **pant** take you to **pant** my house to show **pant** you something!!!"

The librarian was there and whispered-yelled, “Quiet!!! This is a library!!!”

Tango whispered a quick sorry and told Penny to follow him. Penny decided to do what she was told. Once they got to Tango’s home, Tango said, “The door’s open! After you!”

Penny slowly went in and everybody inside came out of their hiding spots and screamed, “Surprise!!!”

Penny let out a high-pitched scream and, surprisingly, laughed! They all had a great time drinking apple cider, eating everything delicious, and Penny was reassured that they were all great animals!

Penny asked uncertainly to Tango, “Are we, friends?”

Tango exclaimed, “ I thought we were friends ever since we met!!!”

Penny and Tango laughed together. Soon, when everyone left Penny felt no longer shy to anyone she met and she would play with Tango every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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