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Boom!!! "What was that," asked Tina frightenedly. ", Oh, never mind that was my tummy." I thought I could trust you in every way but looks like I was wrong (No one said that, just a thought...). So when I went to New York City, there were chocolate covered balloons everywhere. I tried to eat one but found out the chocolate were a century old. I always wanted to fly, and I did!!! But I randomly flew into everything. I was in kind of in a mess, but never fear, Emily Wang is here!!! She flew out of nowhere and pulled out her very awesome, spectacular, and legendary vacuum cleaner. Also bringing out her…(very awesome, spectacular, and legendary) DUST CLEANER!!!

Find out what happens next on episode 2.

We are Farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum!!!  Don't wait, call 8  "800 888 8888"


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File uploading. Since GraphQL doesn’t understand files, a file uploading feature is not included in its specification. You won’t have to deal with this limitation in case of REST, as there you can POST or PUT whatever content you want to.
To allow file uploads in your GraphQL web app, there are several options: using Base64 encoding. But it will make the request larger and expensive to encode/decode.making a separate API endpoint just for this purpose.using a library like Apollo for implementing the GraphQL multipart request specification.uploadFileToS3:combineResolvers( // isAuthenticated, async (parent, args, { models }) => { const { file } = awaitargs const { createReadStream, filename, mimetype, encoding } = awaitfile conststream = createReadStream() constresult = awaituploadFileToS3(filename, stream) returnresult } ),