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3 kids: 2 pre-teens and one teenager.  I am going to use this blog to record my own foot prints in this journey of growth with our three kids as they themselves grow into young adults. 

I will try to share our own experiences in helping them with their academic and extracuuricular endeavors. The goal is to provide some of our insights and hopefully encourage other parents to share their experiences and insights. 


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About GraphQL - Downside

Web caching complexity

File uploading. Since GraphQL doesn’t understand files, a file uploading feature is not included in its specification. You won’t have to deal with this limitation in case of REST, as there you can POST or PUT whatever content you want to.
To allow file uploads in your GraphQL web app, there are several options: using Base64 encoding. But it will make the request larger and expensive to encode/decode.making a separate API endpoint just for this purpose.using a library like Apollo for implementing the GraphQL multipart request specification.uploadFileToS3:combineResolvers( // isAuthenticated, async (parent, args, { models }) => { const { file } = awaitargs const { createReadStream, filename, mimetype, encoding } = awaitfile conststream = createReadStream() constresult = awaituploadFileToS3(filename, stream) returnresult } ),